Manitoban RCMP leader Saskatchewan Golf Head Mourned

Its interesting to note the differing contributions various Canadians make to the sport of golf.

Bill MacRae was an RCMP trainer who introduced a bevy of new training who introduced a myriad of new training procedures as well as a focus on human resource H.R.  focused training.  These novel ideas and procedures were to say the least not always appreciated by peers.  On top of that the officer was involved with the introduction into the R.C.M.P and training of female recruits.   Its not as if the officer was always driving around in a luxury black SUV.   Its not always easy not to be strictly regarded as a “team player’ it seems.

MacRae , though of Manitoba stock went on  to become the executive director of the Saskatchewan Golf Association.   His contributions to duffers in this Canadian prairie province will be long remembered.  Junior golfers have much to thank him in setting and maintaining the highest of standards and of fairness in events and tournaments.

It can be said that a major contribution was made towards the whole enterprise of the pastime of the sport across Canada.

A memorial published online can be read here:

There is a lot to be said for Manitoba in the Winter

There can be said to be a lot of good in the Manitoba weather come minus 40 or  -35 degree temps.   Read the following rant and description below .    Yet don’t always pay attention to seasonal grumblings  – the news and events are not always negative.

Sure its cold out there , you want to stay in , you cannot get on a golf green and you may have a wait for practice at the local golf dome .

Yet its not always good on Manitoba fairways come summer or even the Winnipeg  Jets pro hockey team as well.

Read the following article below on the link to be reminded on the cold winter pleasures and benefits we enjoy and summer dreaming while putting that we forget.

While come November and you know for sure that “Old Man Winter and “Jack Frost “  are on their way – consider the following excerpts .
An excerpt ” Bugs, for example, can really put a damper on things. One summer, back in my redneck homeland of Manitoba, I recall playing golf when the mosquitoes where so thick, so bloodthirsty, so hellishly heinous that my home course actually closed down for a full week in June (the weather was perfect) because of the wicked infestation. Short of obliterating the place with a napalm strike, nothing could fix the problem. Before the course closed I remember teeing off with 14,000 mosquitoes biting into my flesh at the exact same time. Trust me, this was not fun. I could not possibly have drunk enough of my grandpa’s corn liquor to make the round enjoyable.”
A lot more sundry humour at the follow link ;

Manitoba exports – Among them Respectable Golfers

One thing Manitoba can be proud of – that it serves to train and export  polite , good and well polished competent golfers who go on both to represent and serve the community and their cadres elsewhere.   Its not only junior level golfers that we have on board.  And its all done well and with polish.

As an example in point “Jim King returns as GAO ( Golf Association of Ontario Canada ) president for the year of2014″.

King an amateur golfer , who originally hails from this prairie province of Winnipeg and has participated in many a fine tournament here goes on to perhaps bigger yet not perhaps better things out in there in the west.   Yet its not only a name , nor standings in score cards – check out this joker for a case in point.

We are proud of Jim for all your efforts and the traditions you uphold and value.

Kudos and good work.   We look forwards to seeing and playing out with you one fine sunny day on the links at Portage la Prairie.

You can follow this link to read more on the subject and Jim King’s  background and history :

Glendale golf winnipeg manitoba canada

No fourty below zero winter grumblings here .    The playout season will be here with us in a jiffy.  Its just a matter of time.   At least in the long cold Wpg winters we don’t suffer from mosquito bites !


Manitoba Invention – High Tech low priced Electronic Golf Instructional Device

Kudos to local golfer and golfing legend  Terry Hashimoto of Jazz Golf fame.

Terry it seems has developed and is marketing a high tech feedback sensor mat to help golfers more than improve their golfing-game and reduce scores come the eventual spring time golf games on our favorite courses.

The device is called ” BodiTrak“, and is essentially a sensor-filled mat that can provide immediate feedback on how you set up and hit any putt, chip or drive.  Hobbyists and sportsmen it seems are always looking for and developing the holy grail – yet in this case the local pro seems to have hit big times.

Quoting from Terry “Perhaps even more importantly, the BodiTrak can also quantify feel. By putting a golfer on the mat in the correct position, letting them see the numbers and asking them to step off and get back on without looking at the monitor, they’re getting bio-feedback so they can find the correct position again strictly from muscle memory.”No doubt though – it sure beats having only winter curling to fall back on.

Such devices are great for the long winter seasons we Manitobans endure. At our local pro shop or even community center a number of the Boditraks can be on hand. Equivalent devices are priced in the range of $ 35,000 whereas this Manitoba product clocks in at $ 2 k. Not all of us can just hop in our new Ford Sunset Red colour Escape and hop down for winter golf in Phoenix or Palm Springs  fairways and venues.   Wpg duffers need not even go to expensive “golf pro training centers” as the device itself is little more costly than upscale running treadmill devices  or even Nordic tracks.

On top of that the devices are not only affordable yet also provide local work and expertise as the production is at a plant in Fort Garry not far from Bishop Grandin , Linden Woods and the Waverley automall .   You can bet spring time weather in the Peg , is just around the corner.

Congrats Terry.

Anyone can Have a Bad Golf Game…..

Guess  its not  only the unseasonably cold Winnipeg Manitoban winter  that can ruin your golf game and score.

Look at the debacle of poor  “Tiger”.    The message might well be to “take it  slowly young man  ( or lady) .

Guess  the “golf gods”  can have their effects – notwithstanding and moreover.

Its in a nutshell as simple as that.

You can figure that out.

Life and the game of life is as simple as that.

You can drive to the ends of the Waverley Max and recognize  that its no more difficult to comprehend than these simple statements.   You  can bet its no “child’s game” .

More can  be read up and followed at the set of links leading to the url  posted below -  http://www…

Alternatively put -  Golf Equipment – It is hard enough to play the game of golf- Why handicap yourself further

Defibrillators now the law on Manitoba Golf Courses

Well with an aging population in the Province as  well on the links - our population  is aging.  Its  now longer  fast new Ford Mustangs we cherish but more  middle aged stoic vehicles -SUVs  and cars.   

No  doubt the overall age is increasing.

So it goes with  the sport of golf in our area.

Yet its interesting that in  many areas – in the exercise and ‘hospitality industry“  that  there has been no shortage of resistance to the widespread introduction of these potential  life saving instruments.

Now on Manitoba courses - where  the strains  of cardiovascular endurance kick in , as well as excitement overall on  the comradeship , championship  tournaments and the overall  sport of the game of golf.

To this points – defibrillators on-hand are now the law-  along of course with competent  and full training of the use of these  emergency health devices.

This is now the requirement for Manitoba golf courses to have devices in good stead ,working  well , readily available and on hand.

You can read more at the following links:

and  from  the Province of Manitoba itself:



Many Manitoba Golfers take Up Curling Come Wintertime

Just what do Manitoba golfers  do  come  the cold winter season and col sub-zero climes  ?

Its fine if you live nearby a Winnipeg winter  season golf dome -  or perhaps your local golf club or perhaps community center or continuing education program at your local school  has indoor golf practice areas a duffer can spend his or her  winter evenings or  weekends getting ready for springtime  games and tournaments.

Perhaps  their local school  has winter season golf classes  or refresher classes.

Others  are lucky  enough to be able to afford  a trip to warmer climes and  links   -  perhaps Las Vegas links or Palm Springs area courses.   You can take the long drive down highway 75 in heated comfort in a reliable new vehicle.  Or if your family budget allows you can fly. Others  sign up  for actual golf vacations  if you-have the income and money saved in-your bank account.

Yet in more  isolated  areas its winter curling or at the worst  the  golf channel.

You can read more of the curling season at the link below:

Winter Grumblings from Manitoba Golfers

It seems golfers are always dreaming of that great score or hole in one – or perhaps for someone else to pay for their sport in any of a myriad of ways.  One means are the local subsidizes for the local golf links.
After all who wants to wait in line at a crowded tee line – when there should be additional fairways open at other local courses.

Yet depending on the local politicians and council , personalities and influences on board it may be a slide through or a case of detection and the issuance of the word “no”

Here in the Brandon Sun i an editorial not recommending a subsidy for a local setup.   The “Brandon Sun” newspaper is the local media for the Westman regional area.   The Westman areas and its hinterland have a thriving golfing community as well as  whole host of tournaments come summer .

Essentially its a case of – if the operation cannot pay its way – why should taxpayers ?

Yet come tournament season – its best to have a reliable truck to make the 200 km drive from Winnipeg to Brandon and return .

You can read the column ,  unsigned letter or what might be a piece on the editorial page at the following url:—-dec-19-2013-236537111.html?thx=y

yes yes yes

Last Minute Christmas gifts – Don’t forget the Golfer

Time is running out for the holiday season - the crowds are in throngs and the lineups at the cash registers as well as business office at your local Ford dealership is long too.

In a pinch what can you get your loved ones – and make it look like you took the greatest of care and personal attention to the detail of providing them with tailor made presents exactly to their needs wants and preferences  as if you took the greatest of time . care and attention to the personalities involved.

Simply run out to your nearest big box Walmart store or perhaps to more specialized shop that caters to the golfers who travel away to warmer climes for winter golfing – Hawaii , Phoenix , Puerto Morelos , Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Lots of brands of golf balls , putters , drivers and accessories to choose from easily.  You can pay cash , Canadian debit or credit card .  On top of that even the City of Winnipeg is getting into the act with winter season golf gift certificates .

There are plenty of more suggestions for personalized last minute gift giving for both the duffer as well as other friends and family of yours at the following link :

Its that easy 1,2,3

“Disc Golf” May be coming to Manitoba and the Peg

Lo and behold the sport of “Disc Golfing “ may be making an appearance in the Province of Manitoba specifically in Portage la Prairie.  For this un-initiated  with alternate as well as unconventional and unorthodox form of the passion which afflicts many a summary is as follows.

Disc-golf is essentially similar to the real sport of golfing – yet discs and even Frisbee are used instead of good old fashioned standard golf balls.  Selection though seems not be an apparent issue.   Real life pro tournaments are set up and played through none the less.

This alternate recreational activity was made better known and even widespread through the comedic TV show Seinfeld yet we have more than a few of these links right here in the City of Winnipeg.   There is even a Manitoba association of “disc sports”.   Of course in that broad listing – other sporting events involving discs may be played ,tournaments set up  or events held.

Yet at this point there are over 2,000 of this type of layout in Canada & the United States – with actually 8 of the 2,000 being resident in Manitoba at this point of time.  Many are more than top – rated overall .   Yet its sure worth to take a long drive out to the course of your preference.

The proposal is to set up yet one more course – this time in the Portage la Prairie coverage areas .  Top titles please.

Overall its not a bad idea as the specific sport shows a great growth curve in numbers right now.  On top of that once in place the potential is there for tournaments and events.

Have fun boys and girls

You can read more about this proposal to the Portage la Prairie town council and local Portage politicians at the following web link:


hit the links:

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