Six Canadians Move to the Last Round of PGA’s Q-School

Canadian players Richard Matthew, Richard Lee, Matt McQuillan, David McKenzie, Chris Baryla, and Ted Brown moves to the final game of PGA Tour Q-School.

Canadian player Matthew Richardson scored 68 on the final round which qualified him to the final stage of PGA Tour Q-School. It wasn’t a surprise of the 2005 Walker  Cup Champion and a player who have gone through European, Nationwide, and Canadian Tours. Originated from England, Richardson moved to Ontario after meeting his fiancée. He tied on the 13th spot after the day.

Vancouver’s Richard Lee shot a final round 72 to finish 5th, Matt McQuillan of Kingston, Ontario shot a final round 70 to finish tied for 3rd, David McKenzie of Victoria posted his worst round of the week, a 75, but he was still qualified for the 12th spot. Ontario’s Ted Brown of Peterborough was able to get into a qualifying rank after birding the final hole. Chris Baryla of Vernon, B.C. shot a final round 69 that get him to the 13th spot. They will join Richardson to the final game next month.

Canadian players who weren’t able make are Bryan DeCorso who shot a final round 72 landed in a tie for 30th while Cam Burke had a difficult finish of 82 and fell on 67th spot. Both are from Ontario, Guelph and New Hamburg, respectively. They are joined with Adam Speirs of Winnipeg, Manitoba who tied for 66th; Brennan Webb from Bracebridge, Ontario tied for 40th while Adam Hadwin of Abbotsford, B.C. landed the 55th spot with 74. Calgary’s James Love and Peter Laws of Mississauga, Ont., finished in a tie for 40th after shooting a 72 and 71, respectively. Ryan Yip from Calgary shot a final round 74 to finish 58th.

Top 20 plus ties are only the one who will advance on the final round.

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