Must Know Most Common Golf Terms

Who needs complex explanation when you can learn golf with humor. Here are some of the most common golf terminologies to learn before you step in the course.

Sand Trap

A deep depression filled with sand filled with golfers in a deep depression.


Onomatopoetic Scottish word for a flubbed shot in which the ground is contacted before the ball is hit. The game’s Celtic inventors had plenty of time to develop a rich vocabulary for golfing mishaps, such as a ball topped lightly into the water, a ball hit a short distance through dense grass, straight into the air, into the word, into rocks and into other players.

Short Game

The short shots played around the green and the cheap shots taken between the green and the next tee.


To hot too far under the ball, causing a high, ballooning shot. You might try using your hands to open up the clubface a bit.


To hit the ball with too open a clubface. You might try closing it up a little.


To hit the ball with too closed a clubface. You might try opening it back up and hitting more on the upper part of the ball.


To hit someone under the chin or on the lower part of the face with a closed hand driven by a fast, upward-sweeping movement of the arm.


Professional golfers and other accomplished players can apply a variety of spins to the ball to make it curve around obstacles, turn in to the wind or stop dead where it lands. These shots take skill and practice, but most beginners have a bag of tricks, too! For example, even the rankest of amateurs can amaze their playing companions and themselves by making a ball run right across the center of the hole without going in, rise straight up into the air, execute unbelievably sharp left or right turns, travel sideways or even backwards or disappear entirely.


The total number of strokes needed to complete 18 holes or three times the caddy’s tip, whichever is closest to 75.


A piece of paper on which a player’s opening offer is written prior to the commencement of serious negotiations.

Scratch Player

A player with a handicap of zero; a par golfer; a rat; a louse; a stinker.


A golfer who attributes poor play to the fact that he or she lacks the physique of a younger player.

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