“Green Golf Movement” – Auduborn Cooperative Sanctuary Program

At the forefront of the “Green Golf Movement”  is the standardbearer the “Auduborn Cooperative Sanctuary Program” ,  the leading edge standards setting international program that advocates the preservation  of the natural environment as well as the important heritage of the game of golf and golfing.

To acheive certification  golf courses must comply with the most strict standards for the maintenance of golf habitats , conservation of water resources as well as the protection of the golf habitats themselves.  It can be said that Canadian golf courses are running neck and neck with those in the United States.  Of approximately 2200 courses  in Canada , 12.98 % are currently enrolled in this valued and respected certification program  with 3 % being certified at this point in time.

What this means is   overall lower toxicity levels , more wildlife habitats  ( an average of 21 acres per course) and very importantly a saving of 1.9 million gallons of water a year.

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