Must Know Common Golf Terms

Double Bogey

Two strokes over par, or, for a golfer who happened to score a 7 on a long par-5, a birdie and an eagle that occurred on the same hole.

Double Eagle

Three strokes less than par for a given hole. This unusual achievement might be accomplished by, say taking advantage of a tailwind on a straight par-5 hole to get down in two strokes, scoring a hole-in-one a short par-4 or just skipping entirely a difficult par-3 hole.


Although clothes in a variety of styles are acceptable on a golf course, a few general pointers are worth keeping in mind when selecting an outfit.
-It should be visible to an individual with normal eyesight looking out the window of a spacecraft in orbit.
-It should be made out of a fabric derived from a substance that was mined or refined rather than grown or raised.
-It should jam radar.
-It should be composed of no fewer than eight separate colors or shades and should bear a minimum of four distinct emblems.
-When scuffed, the shoes should require repainting or restuccoing rather than shining.
-Any hat should be identifiable as such only by its position on the wearer’s head.


The initial shot on each hole, made with a special wood, the driver, on par-4 and par-5 hole, and with shorter words or irons on par-3 holes. Because the drive is so critical to the play of the hole, total concentration is essential and thus, if the shot is spoiled because of some audible disturbance inadvertently caused by another player on the tee, such as pair of shoelace tips clicking together or the wind whistling through an onlooker’s eyelashes, it is customary to take the shot over.

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