The Secret of winning at Augusta National

According to Geoff Ogilvy, the 2006 U.S. Open winner and a three time World Golf Champion, Augusta National has a certain playing angle that will sure fire a player to winning.

He said, “The whole point of Augusta is to have your second shots, third shots and chip shots and putts going uphill as much as possible. You have to figure out the angles to do that.” Imagination is your partner in figuring out the proper angles. In addition, never getting above the hole on the putting surfaces is another must.

“The greens are so fast and so slopey that if you get above the hole anywhere, you have a bad angle pretty much,” he says. “And if you have to go over bunkers or water at the wrong angle, say to a short pin, you have no chance.”

Based from Ogilvy’s expert view, there are a lot of putts you can’t take on. You can have a 20-foot putt with 15 feet of break if you want to hole it. But if you just go straight at the hole, it might dribble down close to the hole. You’ll never hole the putt, but you will two-putt. If you want to hole putts, you risk three-putts.

With the severity of the greens and elevation changes, figuring out the proper angle of attack depends on the position of the pin, which can change the complexion of the entire hole and thus the plan of attack.

Every year, Ogilvy says he learns something about the course that proves to be a benefit.

“It is a course that encourages attack,” Ogilvy says. “But if you miss with your attack, you are penalized so severely.”

Augusta National Playing Angle

Augusta National Playing Angle

Augusta National Playing Angles

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