Golf Dictionary

Good to know the terms before swinging the club. Learn the most common golf terms with humor. Here’s another set to digest.

Driving Iron

The #1 iron, sometimes used for tee shots. Its chief virtue is that, unlike a wooden-headed driver, it puts a deep cut in the ball while driving it into rough or out of bounds, thus enduring that if the golfer who hit the ball cannot find it, not other player will get any use out of it.

Driving Range

A place where golfers go to get all the good shots out of their systems.

Dropping a Ball

A recent rule change does away with the old requirement that players introducing a ball to replace one that is lost do so by dropping it over their shoulder and behind their back. Players may now drop it at arm’s length in any direction they choose. Of course, as before, a penalty stroke is assessed. This rule change does not affect clandestine ball drops, which are still made from the bottom edge of the pants pocket with the thumb and first two fingers of one hand while idly swinging a club with the other. And, it goes without saying, there is still no penalty for such drops.


A golfer whose actual score on any given hole is ordinarily more than twice his or her reported score.


Unusually low score on a hole achieved by a golfer with an exceptionally good drive and one or two exceptionally good follow up shots, or by a golfer with an exceptionally poor memory.


According to the rules of golf, equipment is “anything that can be thrown, broken, kicked, twisted, torn, crushed, shredded or mangled; or propelled, driven or directed either under its own power or by means of transfer of momentum, into underbush, trees or other overgrown terrain; or over the edge of a natural or artificially elevated area; or below the surface of any body of water, whether moving or impounded.”

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